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The Missouri LEND, TIPS for Kids semester begins August 25 at Thompson Center West, 200 Keene Street, Columbia, MO 65201


2017-18 Roster

Family Trainee

Amy Lake

Health Management & Informatics

Curran Eigelberger

Occupational Therapy

Carley Bowman
Molly Jackson
Cassidy Shannon

Physical Therapy

Allison Lakie
Carson Miller
Grace Powell


Benjamin Johnides
Rose O’Donnell


Mark Tapia

Social Work

Danielle Lock

Speech Language Pathology

Kelsey Cahalan
Abby Isabelle
Megann Whitaker

Contact Us

If you are interested in more information about Tips4Kids and it's related training and services or have any questions, please contact Amy Menefee at (573)882-0757.