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The Missouri LEND, TIPS for Kids semester begins August 25 at Thompson Center West, 200 Keene Street, Columbia, MO 65201


Letters of recommendation are due March 23. Please see below for details of what you need to include:

  1. Transcripts – undergraduate and graduate (unofficial copies are acceptable)
  2. Letter of Intent, including short- and long-term goals related to autism and other developmental disabilities
  3. Two letters of reference, one from within your discipline and one from outside your discipline, these may be emailed directly to Amy Menefee at
  4. Application form

For further information about the program or application process, contact:

Amy Menefee, BS
Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders
205 Portland Street
Columbia, MO 65211
PHONE: 573-882-0757

Contact Us

If you are interested in more information about Tips4Kids and it's related training and services or have any questions, please contact Amy Menefee at (573)882-0757.